An untrained dog owners cause many troubles. If you really want a puppy first and most important thing you need to do is to start training your puppy.

For dog training and potty training a puppy especially, you need a qualified coach, but you can do this if you really want.

To train a dog you need patience, calmly, time and lots of love.

There are potty training puppy devices that will help in this regard.

See what would be the main devices and supplies for puppy training:

How to potty training a puppy?

  As I wrote in the other items important to start training a dog when it is small because otherwise it will take much, much longer to training a dog.

Puppy learn new things and will take some time for him to better understand where and where not excreted. Potty training a puppy, will help to always understand that the house is an area that should not be dirty and require dog alone when he needs to use the toilet only.

You are calm enough to potty training a puppy?

At first puppies will pee very often, so it will be more accidents, especially at first.

Must to not lose your temper, do not hit the dog, using, as I have said in other articles, words like “No” or “Bad Boy”, and moving the finger in his face, of a sign of denial.

Praise your puppy when he does good things also use words like good boy and give him the toy or favorite food.

If not, the puppy may become confused and frightened.


Use leash, outside and potty training puppies.

To get routine, you can start potty training a puppy on using a leash.

A good choice of tools and their proper use, can help your dog learn to behave nicely and obey your commands.

There are a lot of devices and supplies on the market, but without proper guidance you will be rather difficult in their choice.

See what would be the main devices and supplies for puppy training:

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